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October Education Series

Why Employees are Always a Bad Idea

October 23, 2014
11:30am to 1:00pm
University of the Rockies | Map

And Other Business Diseases of the Industrial Age

The Industrial Age is over, but its culture and business practices are still dominating the front office. These outdated management methods are being rejected by the most successful companies.

The Industrial Age gave us a lot of great toys but some very bad business culture. Concepts like manager, employee, retirement, trading time for money, separating work and play, vacation time, office hours, an addiction to benefits, and other Industrial Age diseases still plague the business world.

Don't be left behind. Come hear how IBM, Best Buy, Zappos and thousands of smaller, more nimble companies are radically changing the way they approach building their business culture to increase revenue with fewer employees, yet with higher staff retention.

This isn't your father's world. Learn how to help your company become a Participation Age Company by adopting this new way of doing business:

  • Why the traditional business culture won't do going forward
  • How and why to replace the concept of "employee" with "stakeholder"
  • How to hire people within your company that you’ll never have to manage
  • How and why you need to switch from a time-based culture to a results-based culture
  • How a company went from 45.5 hr/wk per employee to 37 hrs in just two months, with the same productivity

Is YOUR company a Participation Age company??

About Chuck Blakeman

Chuck Blakeman has started and grown eight companies on four continents in five industries. He is the owner of Crankset Group and founder of 3to5 Clubs. He also authored, "Making Money Is Killing Your Business", named the #1 Business Book of the Year by NFIB. This presentation is based on Chuck’s visionary new book by the same title, “Why Employees are Always a Bad Idea” named one of the Top 10 Business Books of 2013. Come interact with Chuck on how companies he has worked with have left behind Industrial Age culture and business practices to emerge as high-growth, vibrant companies in the New Economy.


University of Denver
University Hall Room 306 | DU Map


11:30am-Noon: Registration, networking and lunch
Noon-12:45pm: Presentation
12:45pm-1:00pm: Q&A, networking

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Colorado is the Top Economy in the Nation!

Colorado is the Top Economy in the Nation!

Colorado comes out on top in a Business Insider ranking of the nation's top economies.

The national business and technology news website said it evaluated each state on eight measures, including unemployment, the number of non-farm payroll jobs, gross domestic product, average wages, the working age (18-64) population, value of international exports, house prices and auto sales. ( Methodology details here.)

Colorado "was in the top 10 states on five of our metrics, and in the top 15 on the other three," Business Insider said. It said the local economy is "highly diversified, and it especially boasts a strong aerospace sector and a huge amount of federal investment."

It noted a 2.8 percent growth in payroll jobs in the state over the 12 months ending in June, and a 3.8 percent growth in state gross domestic product last year.

All in all, said Business Insider, "Colorado's economy is broadly growing at a healthy clip, and so it comes in as the overall winner."

California came in at No. 2, followed by Texas, Arizona and Utah.

Alaska held down the bottom spot in the ranking, with Business Insider noting the depletion of the state's oil deposits, followed by Vermont and New Mexico.

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