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July Education Series

Keeping It Real- Staying True to Yourself in Business Without Fitting Into a Mold

July 28, 2016
11:30am to 1:00pm
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About Barefoot Co-Founders Sarah Hogan and Cori Plotkin Streetman

Barefoot PR is a team of creative and passionate professionals who all believe in collaboration and the ability to combine complementary skill sets for the benefit of our clients. We’re experienced, we’re flexible, and we’re fun. We work hard and we play hard, but at the end of the day we place the highest of values on the quality of our work and are proud of what can accomplish in partnership with our clients.

Coming from years of working with both businesses and nonprofits in all areas of public relations and communications, Barefoot PR’s founders and principals Cori Streetman and Sarah Hogan, saw first-hand how so many companies never truly leverage community investment to enhance reputational capital. There seemed to be a lack of truth when it came to publicity – and a general misunderstanding of the public relations profession. After helping to develop a number of community initiatives from both sides of the corporate-nonprofit partnership fence, both Cori and Sarah realized the value of the “Sweet Spot” between true altruism and marketing objectives. In 2010, Cori and Sarah founded Barefoot PR with the hopes of becoming a translator between the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. Serving in this translator role also led to bridging the gap between true marketing and cause-related public relations.

Today, the Barefoot PR team provides comprehensive public relations, marketing, community relations and public awareness knowledge and experience to each client they serve. Their team’s fresh outlook on entrepreneurship, faith in each other, and healthy work-life balance contribute significantly to the work we do every day. In this session they will share their tips and tricks that they have learned along the way. Come with questions!

Our Education Series is our career / personal development arm and includes topics chosed by our members and a lunchtime, seminar-style experience.


11:30am-Noon: Registration, networking and lunch
Noon-12:45pm: Presentation
12:45pm-1:00pm: Q&A, networking

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Two New MHYP Sports Team Offerings!

Join fellow MHYP members for a few new sports leagues we are adding!  Contact Peter Roldan for more information: Peter.Roldan@gmail.com

Summer Touch Football:

Summer Softball:

  • Co-Ed (Recreational): teams consisting of 10 to 20 male and female players. All teams must: match the gender-ratio of males to females (like 4 & 4 or 5 & 5) in the field, alternate males and females batting, and maintain a line-up at all times. 
  • There are 12 games during the season 
  • Registration is from May 2-26, season begins May 31
  • The cost is $665/team
  • Locations: locations are Barnum North, Kennedy, Ruby Hill, Vanderbilt, Veterans,Lawson, and Lincoln parks
  • League Details: http://denvercitywidesports.org/Org/Content.aspx?d=UTp0zmTnOSCJuywXLHumlJ9Tg7D%2fG8VVXlXwTFd1tnI%3d

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