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April Education Series

F_T: Can I buy a vowel?

April 24, 2014
11:30am to 1:00pm
University of Denver | Map

With schedules, commitments, and dependents beckoning our time and energy, our personal balance generally becomes the target of abandonment.  Presenting a unique vantage point on how to balance our Work, Social, and Health realms, we will offer applicable ways to direct positive attention to your Work and Social lives through attention to Health and the benefits therein.


University of Denver
University Hall Room 306 | DU Map


11:30am-Noon: Registration, networking and lunch
Noon-12:45pm: Presentation
12:45pm-1:00pm: Q&A, networking

About Clint Gehde

I practice a healthy lifestyle, which involves constantly setting new goals and challenges in order to keep pushing myself to new limits. This theory applies to my personal life and professional life as well. My wife, Jessica, and pup, Lambeau, are essential elements in achieving this life balance. You can find us up in the mountains on the weekends skiing, snowshoeing, hiking with Lambeau or simply enjoying the mountain atmosphere depending on the day.

The passion behind living the e3 lifestyle, to me, is simple. If we have our health, our family and professional lives will be that much more fulfilling. We’re constantly striving for improvement in all 3 areas by setting goals, arising to the challenges life brings, and all the while remembering that life is a game of balance. We get one body so make the most of it! Why not make it the most well equipped machine we can… “Battle Ready” is the way I like to think of it.

About Justin Holle

My path to fitness as a professional came not as a former athlete or from a family of fitness. I came to know fitness after years of pushing aside training as a ridiculous thought, all the while embarrassed that I didn’t have the physique of my peers. After being introduced to strength training by a close friend, I saw the error of my thinking. Fitness helped to create the confidence, character, and perseverance that has allowed me to become a motivated owner in the industry. I saw how simply proving I could pick up that heavy weight, jump that high box, and push past that thought of giving up translated into my personal and professional life.

This personal experience fuels my involvement in the E3 Program. It is the basis of my training. It is the reason I come ready to coach every day.

Find out more about e3 Fitness on their website: e3-fitness.com

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March Table of 10 Recap

The Table of Ten this month featured Jason Regier: Paralympian, non-profit leader, national speaker.  It was an absolute honor for us that had the privilege of having discussing success, mindset, ‘disabilities’, and culture.  Below are a couple of the highlights:

  • Morbid curiosity is natural!  Know that it is OK to ask questions and talk to people that are different.
  • Stick with your strengths and passions.
  • Work on connecting with people over projects and meaningful experiences.
  • Know that the only way to be disabled is a bad attitude, happiness and positivity is a choice.
  • Learn to say "no" to things and you will become more successful in what you focus on.
  • Give yourself constraints, go narrow and deep rather than broad and shallow.

This was a one of a kind lunch, but next month’s will be great as well!  Watch for the registration email for next month’s Table of Ten with Terry Adams, the Executive Director of the Cherry Creek Arts Festival.

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