Ulku Sarica

Communications Chair


Where I put in my 40 hours a week: I work for a company called BPX as an engineer. BPX is an oil and gas company HQed in Denver CO. 
What I love about MHYP: I love the Socials and community that MHYP brings to the table.
Favorite thing to do (other than MHYP): I love that you can be in the mountains skiing during the day and a concert at night in Denver.
One thing you love about MHYP: MHYP provids a wonderful networking, educational series, and sports events.





Brandon Hosch

Brandon Hosch, MHYPEvents Co-Chair

Where I Put In My 40 Hours A Week: Account Executive at HOKA. I service the Northern Rockies (CO/WY/MT) selling locally owned retail stores HOKA footwear. 

What I LOVE About MHYP: Connecting with movers and shakers in the Denver area. There's a lot of ambition and stories to hear from others out here.

Favorite thing to do (other than MHYP): Traveling around the United States!

One thing you love about Denver: That so many people are transplants! Controversial opinion, I know, but that's what makes Denver such a melting pot of different ideas and cultures. I can't go anywhere without running into another Iowa native and I love it.

Interesting Fact About Me: My hometown didn't have a stoplight and I've never had a graduating class (college or high school) that was larger than 500 people. When I say small town, I'm not kidding. 


Haley Lucero

Haley Lucero, MHYPEvents Co-Chair

Where I Put In My 40 Hours A Week: BOK Financial – Commercial Banker – I help businesses with all their banking needs, deposits, loans, corporate cards, etc.
What I LOVE About MHYP: I LOVE the socials and meeting new people. MHYP has a diverse group of young professionals in all sorts of industries!                                                                                                                                                      
Favorite thing to do (other than MHYP): Concerts and community events.
One thing you love about Denver: The outdoors! Hiking, Skiing, etc.

What is your favorite color and why: Blue is my favorite color, it's calming and goes with everything. I love the aquarium more than the zoo as I think fish are insanely cool and colorful.


Carter Long

Carter Long, MHYPMembership Chair

Where I Put In My 40 Hours A Week: Marketing & Communications Contractor – I work in many areas behind the scenes to facilitate marketing and communications efforts.
What I LOVE About MHYP: I really enjoy getting to meet new people that I would not be exposed to in any other setting. Plus getting to try all sorts of cool venues, bars, and restaurants around town.
Favorite thing to do (other than MHYP): Do mountain activities
One thing you love about Denver: The sun

Would you rather be a pirate or a ninja: Ninja


Amanda Kinderman

Amanda Kinderman. MHYPPhilanthropy Chair

Where I Put In My 40 Hours A Week: University of Colorado Cancer Center, Quality, Education & Outreach Manager, I manage the behind-the-scenes data quality, education, and outreach aspects of oncology clinical trials. 
What I LOVE About MHYP: I love the ability to meet new people from all sorts of industries and locations and socialize in person (when we are allowed to). My favorite event is the Denver Rescue Mission serve event every year because it's an organization I am passionate about. 
Favorite thing to do (other than MHYP): I love to hike when I get the chance
One thing you love about Denver: The weather! I love the seasons (even the snow) and being able to spend time outdoors. Being from Florida, I am not used to seasons.
Favorite animal at the zoo:  Pandas because they're so sweet and cute to look at. 

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