Empowering Denver’s Most Influential Young Professionals.


MHYP's mission is to create a lasting legacy that promotes young professional growth in Denver. Our goal is to empower Young Professionals in Denver with all of the business relationships, education and community awareness necessary to become an influential leader in the community.

Five Points of Service

MHYP 5 Points of Service

MHYP Networking Networking (12 event series) – The MHYP Monthly Socials are uniquely crafted to attract the most engaged and connected YP leaders in Denver. Our members are serious about business and intentional about making the most of the evening. The fun and drinks come naturally!
MHYP Education Education (10 event series) – The MHYP Education Series is a direct response to the needs of our members. We poll our members for topics and find highly qualified. It’s another great opportunity for our members to network as well.
MHYP Access Access (11 event series) – The MHYP Access Series gets you in a room or at a table with some of the top current and inspirational leaders in Denver. These are the people and venues that you said you wanted access to and that deserve your attention. Space is limited so be sure to jump on these opportunities!
MHYP Sports Sports (4 event series plus intramurals) – The MHYP Sports Series offers pro sport outings, intramural sports teams, and intramural parties, so we have the hardcore or recreational athlete and fan covered. Join a team right off the bat or come watch a game to see what we are all about.
MHYP Philanthropy Philanthropy (4 event series) – Our community would not be what it is without volunteers. Here is your chance to get directly involved and help create a better Denver.

History of MHYP

Mile High Young Professionals was founded in 2010 by Ira Johnson and Dan Kobler and was created to fill a need in the community. There were a lot of YP organizations but none offered a comprehensive YP membership. MHYP launched with the goal of being the best at exclusively providing value to our members.

As a YP, you have the luxury of developing relationships in a relaxed environment of your peers who are all focused on developing their professional careers. You can work with who you trust and who shares the same values. Look around- the people in this room are the future influencers of Denver, and you can become friends and colleagues now over a beer.


Who are MHYP's members?

Our members consist of mostly 21-39 year-old professionals, from recent college graduates to seasoned business owners and everything in-between. Our members are leaders in their fields and are committed to community involvement and volunteerism.


Mile High Young Professionals was created to fit the need for a universal Young Professionals resource in the Denver metro area. Many local organizations have just recently started focusing their campaigns towards young professionals.  As a result many Chambers, Industry Groups, and Non-Profits have developed a YP chapter associated with their organizations with varying levels of organization and visibility. MHYP is a collaboration point for all YP groups to gain exposure and get their message out, giving YP’s in Denver a progressive edge. Young Professionals in the Denver community tend to network with a different energy and expectation and we want them to be able to capitalize on that as much as possible through our programs and events.

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