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MHYP is proud to report that Mile High Meals raised $6,030 to contribute to feeding our homeless population during a critical time. By partnering with Footers Catering, we will be able to provide 753 meals to the Denver Rescue Mission. We thank all of those that contributed to the cause to help provide a delicious meal for those in need.

Feeding our most vulnerable neighbors. Supporting small business. Doing our part for our community, together.

Mile High Meals is an initiative to feed our local community experiencing homelessness, while also supporting a Footers Catering, a local business who is—and always has been—committed to their team and to community service. 

Your gift to Mile High Meals will fund meals for the shelter(s) most in need, at the direction of the Homeless Leadership Council (HLC). By partnering with the HLC, we can have the greatest impact by meeting needs real-time, based on the in-the-moment capacity and demands of homeless shelters citywide. Our partners for this initiative may include Catholic Charities of Denver, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, The Delores Project, Denver Rescue Mission, The Gathering Place, St. Francis Center, The Salvation Army, Urban Peak and Volunteers of America.

Nourishing food is imperative—and especially so to those experiencing uncertainty about their shelter or next meal. Our partners at Footers Catering understand that, given their long track record of community investment and caring for those who need it most. Furthermore, Footers has sought creative ways to care for its XX employees even as our economy has collapsed. . 

And so, Mile HIgh Meals was incepted. Our goal is to raise $10,000 to feed 1250 people experiencing homelessness, across shelters determined by the HLC to be in the greatest need. 

Your gift will have double impact. It will feed those in greatest need, while also providing work for the employees of Footers, a small business who has demonstrated their unwavering commitment to mitigating the fallout of this crisis for their “Footers Family,” and their entire supply chain. Read more about the Footers journey here. 

Why give to support those experiencing homelessness in this crisis? 

Americans experiencing homelessness are at greater risk for contracting COVID-19 and are more likely for the illness to prove severe or fatal. Protecting people experiencing homelessness is critical for saving lives, containing the spread, and preventing our hospitals from being overwhelmed. 

Contributing to Mile High Meals is an immediate, tangible way to create change in our community. Your gift will help meet both immediate needs, while also allowing the organizations that serve our homeless neighbors to focus on other pressing issues. 

Together, we are stronger. Join Mile High Meals today.

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