August Table of Ten with Jung Park Recap

  • August 28, 2013
August Table of Ten with Jung Park Recap

The August Table of Ten Series featured Jung Park, founder of Metroboom.  We had a great conversation on personal branding, the town of Denver, and building a community.  Below are the highlights of our lunch.

  • People decide if they can trust you in 0.25 seconds, so your appearance and how you carry yourself is very important.  Build who you want to be through your personal definition of success, from there look at image, handshake, conversation skills, etc.
  • There is not 6 degrees of separation in Denver, it’s more like 2.  Be careful of who you’re spending your time with and do not be afraid to cut ties with bad people who can tarnish your reputation. 
  • MetroBoom is a community in itself and has been the most effective advertising possible.  Jung does not use any traditional or paid advertising or marketing.  His clients help run charity events, walk on the catwalk for award shows and are truly a part of the business.  He never uses models, all pictures and  are actual clients and they love it.  He also hosts happy hours and other events for clients so they can get to know each other.  

It was a powerful lunch, but if you missed it be ready to register next month.  Look for an email on Wednesday September 11th at 10am!

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