Denver-based Gart Cos. to relocate Magellan Travel to metro Denver

Metro Denver is landing 74 new jobs as Gart Capital Partners relocates its Magellan's Travel Supplies affiliate to the Denver area.

Magellan's merged with Gart's Colorado Bag'n Baggage subsidiary in December 2011. Santa Barbara, Calif.-based Magellan's is a retailer of travel items such as clothing, wallets and purses, blankets and pillows.

Under the relocation, metro Denver will serve as the base of the company's corporate operations, catalog call center and distribution facility.

The relocation brings not only jobs but a new dimension to luggage retailer Bag'n Baggage, said Ken Gart, a partner in Denver-based Gart Capital Partners.

Click here to read the full article at the Denver Post.

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