Denver Mayor’s Office Releases Economic Figures

Denver Mayor’s Office Releases Economic Figures

Denver’s economy is on fire! Denver's chief economist today reported significant growth in employment, retail sales and construction, plus a surging housing market. Denver is experiencing the strongest economic outlook we’ve had since 2008.

We are coming out of this recession poised for success:

  • We added 12,250 new jobs and 1,000 new business enterprises in 2012.
  • We added nearly 15,000 new residents.
  • Our resident labor force is at a record high, with 330,000 people employed.
  • We have the strongest housing market in the nation.
  • Our home values and construction permits are way up.
  • Consumer confidence is on the rise, evidenced by the 4.6% increase in retail sales and 9.4% jump in vehicle purchases.
  • Unemployment continues to drop, now standing at 7.3%.
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