Finding Soul with Jourdan Eloriaga

  • April 3, 2017
Finding Soul with Jourdan Eloriaga

Our very own, Trevor Turner, of the Communications Committee will be writing a monthly piece on an up and coming "influencer" in the Denver area. Check out the April article below on Jourdan Eloriaga on his rapidly growing Instagram page and other entrepreneurial endeavors! If you know of any young professionals that would be a good fit for this type of article in the coming months, please email Thanks! 

Finding Soul with Jourdan Eloriaga

By Trevor Turner

How many Instagram followers does it take to go viral?

I couldn’t tell you, but Jourdan Eloriaga and his site "The Skillful Voice" has almost 23,000 Instagram followers, making him a contender for the phrase “Going viral.”

The Skillful Voice is a virtual community where dreamers can dream while showcasing their musical chops on the internet. The website’s visibility is strong and Jourdan’s social media attracts singers from around the world. It’s also a haven of inspiration providing vocal lessons and tips such as singing warm ups and advice for singer-songwriters. All of which, is created and managed by Denver’s own 26-year-old Jourdan Eloriaga.

Jourdan is a classically trained vocalist originally from Orange County, California and his goal in creating The Skillful Voice was to build a platform for aspiring musicians. It also hosts singing contests which Jourdan selects a winner and promotes them on Instagram. Don’t worry; he doesn’t give nasty criticism like Simon Cowell.  

When it comes to singing, Jourdan considers himself a soul singer and is often attempting to push the envelope by writing one song a week. He also plays the guitar and looks up to Eric Clapton and Slash for their skills on the axe. As far as songwriting, Notorious B.I.G and Nas are his go to. He admires their lyricism and how they can convey a story all while keeping a beat.

If you’re ever at an open mic night in Denver you might run into Jourdan singing and jamming out on his guitar. And when he’s not playing music he’s working on The Skillful Voice or his other startup WalletGyde. WalletGyde provides easy ways to save money and easily track your finances and develop good habits to start saving your cash.

Like many young professionals, Jourdan isn’t sure what the future holds. He’s going to continue working hard on his two companies and see where life takes him. He’s also writing an eBook for The Skillful Voice, so stay tuned.

Following our conversation, Jourdan pulled his guitar out and played in the street in downtown RINO.

If you want to keep track of this Mile High young professional you can follow one of his social media pages listed on

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