MHYP July Table of Ten Recap

MHYP July Table of Ten Recap

July's Table of Ten Series featured Brett Mosley.  MHYP members enjoyed a great conversation on risk mitigation, how to treat people, and how to run a business. Brett’s 6 top tips:

  • *Know your business
  • *Work your ASS off
  • *Don’t spend your way out of a problem
  • *Be consistent
  • *Under promise and over deliver
  • *Don’t work with friends and family

Concerning press: If you truly believe in your product and have something different, push it.  It will snowball.

Nothing is ever perfect, and never be satisfied.  Make sure employees have a voice, and are empowered to help the company with their ideas. 

It was a powerful lunch. If you missed it, be sure to register next month to have lunch with Jung Park. 

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