MHYP June Table of Ten Recap

MHYP June Table of Ten Recap

June's Table of Ten Series featured John Levisay.  We had a great conversation on lifestyle, changing careers, business, and growth.  Here are a few takeaways: 

* Levisay transitioned from education, to business school, to an investment bank, to eBay Motors, to, to founding Sympoz.  Don’t be afraid to make a change, don’t tread water and always pursue a place that you can learn a lot from.

* Have a passion for the business, not for the product.  Sympoz is his business and he is very passionate about it, but he sells classes like quilting, which he is not passionate about. 

* Have a hypothesis and test it quickly at a low cost.  Quickly make decisions based on the testing on where to build traction.

* Be OK with saying no to cool ideas that don’t have a significant market. 


It was a powerful lunch, but if you missed it be ready to register next month to have lunch with Brett Mosely.  Click below for more information. 

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