MHYP Table of Ten Recap

MHYP's Table of Ten Series recently featured Andrea Constantine, an author of numerous books on community and connecting people (more information is available at

We had a deep conversation on treating others as humans, no matter what they look like or their life circumstances, what would we like to change about the world, and the importance of connecting and conversing with strangers.  

Some of the key takeaways were: 

·Make a point to look everyone in the eye and smile to people that you normally wouldn’t, such as the person checking you out at the grocery store, or the homeless.  You have the power to change their day and make them happier, and the ripple effect can be endless.

·Everyone must feel like they belong to their community, without a sense of belonging things like crime, substance abuse, dropout rates and other senseless activities climb.

·Everyone in the community matters, so treat them that way.  The more connected a community is the more happy it can be.
It was a powerful lunch, but if you missed it be ready to register next month to have lunch with John Levisay, more information is available at

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