June Mile High Movers & Shakers - Seizing the Day with Nate Cowing

  • June 5, 2017
June Mile High Movers & Shakers - Seizing the Day with Nate Cowing

Every other month, we feature a note-worthy, up and coming YP in the Denver area! Someone that is thinking outside of the box to make a big impact on our community or the world. 

This month we chose to feature Nate Cowing. Check out his story, as told by our very own MHYP member, Trevor Turner.

Seizing the Day with Nate Cowing

By Trevor Turner

Life can be a beautiful thing, so take advantage of your time while on Earth and revel in the opportunities. We’ve all had loved ones who were taken too early and it’s easy to say live every moment to the fullest, but the truth is most of us don’t. Most of us, except for Nate Cowing, who echoes in my opinion, Robin Williams’s famous line from ‘Dead Poets Society’ “Carpe diem, seize the day boys, make your lives extraordinary.”

Now, Nate’s life isn’t for everyone, but are you curious how he’s seized the day so far in his life?  Since he’s worked many jobs across the country for the likes of Jimmy Fallon, MTV, SNL and Mark Cuban’s AXS TV, it’s not a short story. Oh yea, he’s also traveled the country playing shows with his band The Congress. Read on if you want to hear more.....

The straight and narrow path isn’t for everyone, so after high school and his first year of college at University of Colorado Boulder, Nate moved to Los Angeles where he worked as a cabana boy pulling beach chairs and umbrellas on and off the beach. He loved the California sun and of course, all the beautiful women!  

It’s important to mention that Nate is a self-proclaimed wanderlust so it may not surprise you that he was born and raised in Boulder, CO. A wanderlust is someone who has a strong desire to travel and after a year in L.A, Nate decided to move back to Colorado for school. However, school brought him to New York City where he interned for MTV, SNL and “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.”

While at Fallon, Nate was setting up musicians playing on the show to ensure they had a great taping. He also had the opportunity to observe The Roots where he noticed drummer Quest Love’s work ethic and drive to perfect his craft. For an aspiring musician like Nate, this was an amazing opportunity and he soaked up as much of Quest Love and The Roots’ essence as he could. This was something he would be able to use along his journey.  

After completing his internships and graduating with an MBA in 2011 from the University of Colorado Denver, Nate moved on to become a Coordinating Producer for Mark Cuban’s AXS TV. AXS TV is a television network providing the best in music programming, festivals, comedy performances, and mixed martial arts promotions. He worked at AXS for two years in the music and sports divisions traveling around the country working its festivals. Nate liked this job but didn’t love it, so he made a drastic change.                          

The drastic change was moving to Richmond, VA. Now, why would someone who’s lived in New York and Los Angeles decide to move to Virginia? To play music of course, and this was just another part of Nate’s journey where he lived and performed with his band ’The Congress’. In addition to playing shows in Richmond, which is very supportive of its local artists. Nate and his band traveled the country playing music and sometimes having to sleep in their van, or a hotel if they were lucky enough.

I asked Nate if the rock and roll lifestyle ever got the best of him. He said music is his vice and it kept him away from doing drugs and other things. He added, traveling the country by van with a handful of guys is rough and can make a person restless, but once the music starts it’s all worth it.  

An interesting fact, in 2011 Nate worked as a professor at the University of Colorado Denver teaching music business: finance and analysis. After a semester, the wanderlust in him kicked in and he had to explore other avenues in life. He said he loved working as a professor and would like to do it again when he’s older and has soaked up more of life and other experiences!

After meeting Nate and feeding off his energy, I quickly booked a flight to Los Angeles since it’s been a place I’ve procrastinated to explore.  If you take away one thing from this story, remember to always pursue happiness. Take that trip you’ve been putting off for years. Learn something new, help a stranger out. No matter what, always be attempting to do amazing things. If you do there’s no way you’ll be disappointed with life.

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