Mile High Young Professionals Unveils New Logo

Mile High Young Professionals Unveils New Logo

The process of designing a logo can be a lengthy one and after a year and a half, we are very excited to able to present our new logo!

In our quest for the perfect logo, we wanted to keep it simple and create a lasting brand for our organization that was both professional and youthful.  We believe that the mark you see here is a perfect representation of the great city we live and work in and showcases a few of our most recognizable markers, the mountains and blue skies.

We need to give credit to several people in helping us get this logo and new branding in place:

MHYP Member, Sev Martin (ROLE media & marketing) was the driving force behind the final product.  He spent a lot of time working with us to come up with the look and the color scheme.  We also need to thank Jason Lancaster and Vanessa Schneider for helping to get the process under way. 

Over the next week or so, you will see our logo showing up all over the place and we will be showcasing it at our social on Tuesday July 10th.

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