August Lunch Lab  

With Jennifer Bilger, The Growth Coach Denver Metro


August 22, 2019
11:30am to 1:00pm

Flight Building at Taxi
3575 Ringsby Ct.
Denver , CO 80216

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August Lunch Lab

About Lunch Lab

Lunch Lab is our career / personal development arm and includes topics chosen by our members and a lunchtime, seminar-style experience.


Noon-12:10pm: Registration, networking and lunch
12:10pm-12:45pm: Presentation
12:45pm-1:00pm: Q&A, networking

Presenter: Jennifer 

After a successful career in Human Resources, Jennifer was looking to utilize her strenght and skills in more than just the corporate world. HR was her passion, but not her complete passion. She was energized by the coaching and mentoring side, but drained by the administrative side. As a coach, she is able to fulfill her passion by helping others become whom they are meant to be - strong, successful leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs. Her expertise is in helping people find the best path to take and supporting them along the way. She helps people find a better work-life balance, take a stress-free vacation, meet the seemingly unattainable financial goal, work smarter not harder, connect better witht their team and/or hire the right person/people to compliment their work style and preferences. As a Growth Coach, she provides individualized support and guidance to young business professionals, business owners, leaders, sales professionals, HR professionals and entrepreneurs to help them attain their dreams, goals and highest levels of success more effectively and efficiently.

About the presentation: 

To Negotiate or Not To Negotiate - that is the question. It would be nice if it was really just the one question - right? Often there are many questions: What do I ask for? Is that what I have to accept? Will they rescind the offer if I try to negotatiate? Is that what I am really WORTH? Sometimes we think, they do not value me, but I really need the job so I have to accept this, right? This Lunch Lab goes way beyond the Do's and Don'ts of salary negotations and teaches you how to better understand the playing field, find your true worth and be confident in all negotiations.

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