October Lunch Lab  

With Courtney Nicole, Sidecar Solutions


October 22, 2020
12:00pm to 1:00pm


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October Lunch Lab

Experiencing Freedom: Insights for Empowered Leaders

Have you ever felt trapped? Stuck in a job? Limited by your finances? Held back by past mistakes? You deserve freedom. Join Courtney, founder and CEO of Sidecar Solutions, for this month’s Lunch Lab where she’ll be empowering us with tools and actionable strategies to experience total freedom in our personal lives, careers, and relationships. Regardless of where you are, you will leave with a newfound passion in the pursuit of your abundant life.

This workshop won’t be your typical Zoom gathering. Courtney is a dynamic speaker that excels at interactive events and inspiring courageous vulnerability. Come with your webcam on and a fireproof pen (because at the rate you’ll be taking notes we think you’ll need it).

Lunch Lab is our career / personal development arm and includes topics chosen by our members and a lunchtime, seminar-style experience.


  • Noon-12:10pm: Networking and virtual lunch
  • 12:10pm-12:45pm: Presentation
  • 12:45pm-1:00pm: Q&A, networking

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About Courtney Nicole

Courtney is an international business coach that got her start as an entrepreneur many moons ago. With her first successful business launched at age 15, she set out on a lifelong quest to empower individuals to encounter freedom at every level of their lives.

Sidecar Solutions started as a passion project, but evolved into a powerhouse business helping people thrive both personally and professionally. Courtney saw a need for a different kind of business coach, one who not only fostered radical independence, but also facilitated change at the deeper levels of the human psyche to produce accelerated results. She took every opportunity to become that coach, and on the way discovered timeless truths that she shares with everyone she meets.

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