September Lunch Lab  

GTFO! - Get to Freedom Online


September 24, 2020
12:00pm to 1:00pm


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September Lunch Lab
September Lunch Lab

GTFO! - Get to Freedom Online

Burnt out on social media and realize that you've spent more hours than you care to admit mindlessly scrolling lately? You're not alone. Amanda McLernon, founder of the Keep Social Media Social mission and social media agency, McLernon & Co., is about to get real about what's going on online right now, and what we can do about it - individually and together. GTFO doesn't mean just getting off - Getting to Freedom Online is a step-by-step program that involves getting off, checking in with yourself, setting boundaries and *intentionally* getting TF back on. We'll explore new concepts of conscious connecting, aligned activism and evolved empathy in this 30 minute talk, and discuss solutions and Q&A together after.

Lunch Lab is our career / personal development arm and includes topics chosen by our members and a lunchtime, seminar-style experience.


Noon-12:10pm: Networking and virtual lunch

12:10pm-12:45pm: Presentation

12:45pm-1:00pm: Q&A, networking

About Amanda McLernon

Amanda is an entrepreneur who thrives on helping your business understand, grow and see revenue from its social media accounts. She's not boring or corporate; she's honest, vibrant, confident and high-energy. Prior to starting McLernon & Co. she worked with Fortune 500 companies and premier advertising agencies as a digital media strategist to create meaningful campaigns. Then, she started McLernon & Co. to focus exclusively on making our client’s dreams a reality with social media.

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